Lone Rock Helps Leadership Teams Get Aligned & Accelerate Results

20 Years of Coaching Executives

They build radar systems in England. They create software solutions in New Zealand. The leadership teams we coach are responsible for fighter jets built in Fort Worth and insurance policies written in Connecticut. Our job is always the same: facilitate the conversations that create movement in the needed direction.


Lone Rock Consulting is led by our co-founders: Russ Hill, Jared Jones, & Tanner Corbridge. They’ve worked together for nearly two decades consulting companies like General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Becton Dickinson, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, and Kohler. 

Their passion to help develop leaders, facilitate movement on leadership teams, and impact results is what motivates all of us at Lone Rock. We are driven by our mission and are an approved vendor of numerous Fortune 50 companies.

Tanner, Jared, and Russ are building the growing team you’ll meet below. We are Lone Rock Consulting.

Meet The Team Behind The Mission

At Lone Rock, we’re committed to building leaders who lift those around them and create a positive impact.


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Jared Jones

Co-founder of Lone Rock

Hi, I’m Jared, and I know what it’s like to lead through change. I’ve been fortunate enough, and some might say crazy enough – to lead the sales teams of four startups. If my team didn’t succeed, there was no revenue and the venture’s future was in jeopardy.

No pressure right? Here’s the truth I’m not afraid to admit: in the beginning I had no idea how to lead people! I discovered effective leadership creates a significant competitive advantage. I dove in and committed myself to improving every single day.

Meet the Founding Partners

Co-founders of Lone Rock Consulting

Jared Jones, Russ Hill, and Tanner Corbridge have a combined 50+ years of experience coaching and consulting leaders across industry.

They lead the growing team at Lone Rock Consulting and Lead In 30. They have worked together for more than a decade. Each one has unique strengths and backgrounds. They typically work together on consulting engagements along with other members of the Lone Rock team.

Jared, Russ, and Tanner share a passion for helping leaders grow their careers by delivering results. They often say, “working with your best friends is awesome but founding and operating a successful company together with them is an incredible experience.”

Our Mission is to Impact Your Results.


Lead In 30 Cohort Challenges

Our expertly-crafted 30-day leadership cohort delivers the right balance of proven training, weekly coaching, and personalized accountability to help you impact results, including:

Create Clarity and Alignment on an Executive Leadership Team


Sometimes there’s a burning platform and the results are in need of being rescued. Other times performance is exceptionally strong and it’s more about a opportunity to expand marketshare. And sometimes a merger, acquisition, or restructuring causes the need. Here’s where we start:


Build Greater Alignment and Ownership Across the Organization

The work that starts with the senior executive team gains momentum as it reaches additional levels down the org chart. This happens through:

Strengthen Leadership Skills In a Keynote Address or Workshop

Many of our clients use us for their expanded leadership meetings or sales conferences with hundreds or thousands of employees gathered  in-person or virtually. We don’t just present. We facilitate discussion and make the room come alive through a highly interactive experience on topics like:

Leadership Starts At The Top: Leaders Are Built One Step At a Time

Our leadership expertise is built on decades of consulting in an actionable process that pays off from Day 1. We provide leadership expertise based on decades of consulting work with companies all over the world

We Create Aligned Teams and Accelerate Results

Experience our process. Impact your results.

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